Welcome to Mrs. Martel's Grade One Page

We are at St. Stephen School in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Words of the Week and Homework Info

A grade one student should spend approximately 15 minutes inclusive of English and French activities.

Review words of the week nightly
Review and read weekly reading papers (poems).
Review French vocabulary and theme related songs

Words of the Week

Week 1 - look, at, me, I, am
Week 2 - for, here, is, the, you
Week 3 - are, in, little, up, said
Week 4 - Thanksgiving, turkey, fall, October, family
Week 5 - red, yellow, blue, green, orange
Week 6 - Halloween, ghost, witch, pumpkin, candy
Week 7 - can, see, come, not, and
Week 8 - mother, father, brother, sister, baby
Week 9 - go, to, where, he, big
Week 10 - first, then, next, last, before, after
Week 11 - Advent, Jesus, birthday, Mary, Joseph
Week 12 - Christmas, gift, give, December, snow
Week 13 - my, good, day, down, they
Week 14 - on, like, will, went, no
Week 15 - car, stay, talk, play, with
Week 16 - she, out, when, her, very