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We are at St. Stephen School in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Highlights From Our Geometry Focus

Here are some of our best ways to show our learning about Geometry! 

First We Played

Then we Made our Learning Goals.

Created Anchor Charts.
Here is one example.

We Made Center Activities Together Which Included "I can" Statements to Stay Focused.

Then We Played Again!
We showed our learning & thinking many different ways!

Labeling Real World Objects
On iPad & iPod Apps
On Whiteboards
We sorted by attributes
We even used Play Dough
Apps like Skitch
We Made Pictures

Smart Board Activities & Websites
Working on iPods Apps

Play Dough Shapes for our e-Portfolios
                                          Built Towers and Conferenced with the Teacher About Them

We used video to capture our explanations.

We made Tellagami Videos on the iPod/iPads - Link

When we knew our learning goals we signed up (on the learning goal) and showed what we know using anyway we can: apps, video, building, drawing, talking, labeling, making, etc.

Geometry is FUN!


  1. Hello Friends!
    We are 1st graders from Boyne City, Michigan (USA). It looks like you were really having fun with geometry. We have studied shapes too. We talked a lot about cubes, spheres and cones. We are so excited to be blogging with you.

    :-) Mrs. Mastin's first grade

  2. Thank you so much for sharing how you structured this geometry unit. It's interesting to see the process. I love the use of learning goals, and I love how you've gotten even your young learners to develop these learning goals with you.

    I'd really like to hear more about your initial play sessions. Did you give the students any direction during this time? How did you move the students from this play time to the creation of learning goals?

    Thanks for getting me thinking!