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We are at St. Stephen School in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Our Book to Stop Bullying

Here is a link to our class book about bullying. Each student was placed in a group and as a group they had to decide how to set up a tableau to show a scene about bullying. Our focus was "How to Stop Bullying". Each student said one sentence about their character as well - however at this point I can't seem to attach the audio but I thought I would share the book anyways. Please use our book to start a discussion about bullying with your family, your class and with anyone who will listen. Bullying needs to stop and we hope this book will create a discussion for you!

Our Musical Theater Performance

Don't forget the Musical Theater Performance on Friday! Please come according to your child's last name.
A-I is at 9:30 and J-Z is at 2:15.
Bring your video cameras! And don't forget your rain boots and rain coat if you haven't brought them in yet! I feel like it might rain tomorrow!!

It is also Movie Night at school. The Lorax will be showing at 6:30p.m.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

When Pigs Fly

"I will sing a lullaby to an adult when pigs fly!" EL
"I will turn into a zombie when pigs fly!" DR
"I will jump over the moon when pigs fly!" MM
"I will jump over my parents when pigs fly!" AG
"I will rule the world when pigs fly!" TG
"I will be a pig when pigs fly!" EG 
"My writing will talk when pigs fly!" GL
"I will live in the Smartboard when pigs fly!" KS
"I will pull out my eyes when pigs fly!" AK
"Kids will drive cars when pigs fly!" JS
"I will eat Mrs. Martel when pigs fly!" MD
"I will ride a pig when pigs fly!" MW
"I will turn into a t.v. when pigs fly!" AF
"I will kiss a talking sock when pigs fly!" EL
"I will eat Grace when pigs fly!" TP
"I will put my Mommy in a crib when pigs fly!" AD
"I will eat eyeballs when pigs fly!" EL
"I will turn my Mom into a t.v. when pigs fly!"JT
"I will turn my Dad into a zombie when pigs fly!" GB
"My Dad will do ballet when pigs fly!" BP

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November School Newsletter

The November School Newsletter is published to the St. Gabriel Website or you can access a copy here. Happy Reading!!