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Monday, October 15, 2012

Welcome Primary Blogging Partners

This is our week to be the focus blog. We hope you enjoying looking at our blog. We love our websites especially Clay Yourself, Halloween Websites and ABCya! We look forward to hearing from you this week!
Love Mrs. Martel's Class


  1. Mrs Martel's Class,
    We noticed that you like ABCya! Too! What is your favorite game to play on there?
    What are you doing in math?
    We are now onto exploring 5 and ten on the ten frame.
    Do you use ten frames?
    We are learning about pets and animals- which kind of pet does your class like best? Vote for dog, cat, hamster, gerbil, or bird!
    Mrs Rudds Class
    Robinson CLC, 224

    1. Thank you for visiting our blog! Our favourite games are the colouring ones and the listening ones. In math we are learning about numbers and number words. We will be doing 10 frames very soon!
      After voting our favourite pet is a bird.
      We hope you liked our video and enjoyed looking at our blog!

      Love Mrs. Martel's Class

  2. Hi there
    We have been playing on your blog, it has been lots of fun. We liked the Halloween Dress Up Game. We like that your blog has a lot of fun links. We thought it was really nice of you to go and read to the people at the retirement home. We think that would have made you feel very happy.
    We are learning about spiders right now...we want to share a spider joke with you...Why did the spider go in the car??????

    To go for a spin.....LOL

  3. We love your blog especially the songs and videos! We are reading Charlotte's Web with the global read aloud and learning about spiders. In math we are using 10 frames. We are looking forward to dressing up for Halloween. Are you!

    1. We are very excited for Halloween. There will be spiders visiting our classroom tomorrow. I wonder where they will turn up?

  4. Thank you for the joke! That was very funny! We really like our Halloween games too! Happy Halloween!